Installation of Septic Tanks

Septic Tank - Concrete Tank Installation

 If you are looking to install or replace a septic tank system on your property, you need to be sure of proper design and professional installation. Whether your installation needs are for a residential or commercial property, our experts Septic Technicians can assist you throughout the entire process. The process of installing or replacing your tank will need to adhere to the following steps:

  • Design
  • Permitting
  • Installation or replacement
  • Routine maintenance
  • Full conversion from old system

Septic tanks must be designed carefully

Designed by professionals who understand the needs of the system in question. The tank needs to be capable of disposing of large volumes of water-waste. If the septic tank is servicing a large property, or forms part of a central system, the engineer must take this into account. Professional installation is also essential to make sure that your tank functions effectively for many years, without the need for constant servicing.

We provide the necessary guidance according to your needs, answering every query you may have regarding the installation of your septic tank. Each client’s requirements are treated as a unique process and our extensive knowledge and experience will ensure that your installation is both efficient and hassle-free. When we design and install your septic tank system, we offer the following services:

Professional septic system design
Custom-made proposals and quotes
Permit application
Percolation testing
Installation of new tank
Conversion from previous system
Septic-to-City Sewer conversion
Replacements and upgrades
How to select the appropriate site for a septic system

We offer comprehensive guidance and advice regarding the installation of your septic tank, but here are some quick tips about choosing the correct site:

The site must be 100 ft away from drinking sources, and 10 ft away from water line
The site should be 50 ft away from natural water areas such as ponds or streams
Drain-fields must be sloped away from the property, uncovered and free of trees or shrubs (ideally with room to be enlarged in future)
Remember to keep matches or open flames far away from the site, as the sewer gas is highly flammable

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